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Major Milestones:

  • 08-1998: OzWALT was formed to create websites for companies in the Charlotte Metropolitan area
  • 1999: OzWALT builds first shopping cart powering a local clothing manufacturer / distributor.
  • 2003: OzWALT creates a java applet to manage files during the document lifecycle.
  • 2005: OzWALT releases a form management system.
  • 2006: OzWALT releases a networked PDF printer.
  • 03-2007: OzWALT begins an internal database u2db.
  • 06-2007: OzWALT offically abandons MS-SQL and begins using u2db exclusively.
  • 11-2007: OzWALT releases a remote location assistance and time tracking package. codename: TelATime
  • 2008: OzWALT releases pdf processor.
  • 2012: OzWALT releases PDF form processor 2nd edition.
  • 11-2012: OzWALT begins research and developlopment on liquid immersion technology. codename: GooCASE.
  • Circa 2014: OzWALT begins corporate restructuring to focus on service bureaus.
  • 03-2015: OzWALT renames is database to dbsheets and drops SQL support.
  • 2017: OzWALT breaks up brand portfolio and begins rolling out sister companies.
  • 09-2017: All milstones and product releases are to be done under sister companies. Please see OzWALT homepage for more details.