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TelATime is the OzWalt flagship brand with a proven track record. Its innovative software helped transform a 300+ person operation into a 4500+ person market leader. TelATime's software solution revolves around a database built from the ground up, that integrates into existing processes and functions. It also has the ability to break down information and insert it into a company's workflow. It can build a document from a template, integrate input devices such as scanners, and much more. TelATime targets professional service providers such as payroll companies, website design firms, accounting firms, etc.
Launch Date: June 19, 2017 TBD: Indirect launch only. See
Corperate Name: TelATime Corporation formally OzWALT Corporation
Creation Date: 03-Aug-1998 (Sole); 25-Jan-2005 (C-Corp); 19-May-2017 (C-Corp)
TellATime DBA: 18-Nov-2007
U2Salons is the launcher product of a concept called u2it. The u2Salons brand will be a free service that offers online scheduling, collective buying power and websites. U2Salons paid service include an automated AI answering service, SMS reminders and branded websites. U2Salons will also allow salons to create business relationships with other salons to better position themselves against large, corporate salons.
Launch Date: Estimated Early 2021
Corperate Name: U2It Inc. / [U2Salons Inc.]
Creation Date: 15-May-2004 ( Concept)
DBSheets is the database branch of TelATime that allows companies to focus development on a webpage without adapting TelATime's full architecture. Users are able to create databases with ease (similar to creating a spreadsheet) and interact with it using HTML, JavaScript, and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). DBSheets also provides a form platform that allows drag and drop creation of forms and secure submission.
Launch Date: Stand-alone unknown. U2It powered by DBSheets
Corperate Name: TelATime Inc. DBA DBSheets
Creation Date: 10-Mar-2015
GOOCASE uses liquid immersion technology to pull heat from your servers and eliminate all server noise. Using immersion technology, clients are able to reclaim lost office space and work more productively; all while reducing power costs and going green. GOOCASE was created as a necessity to reduce the noise of servers so office space could be occupied with servers in the same room as office personal.
Launch Date: Being phased out. May bring back in late 2022.
Corperate Name: GooCase Inc.
Creation Date: Pre 2009 (planning); 30-Nov-2012 (Domain Only)